Film & Video

Richard Wright Film and Video courses teach the fundamentals of shooting, editing, and writing for film and video productions in a variety of genre, including basic documentary and narrative productions. With a focus on hands-on experience emphasizing aesthetics, creativity, and technical expertise, the goal is for students to develop the ability to capture great video images and audio, and to be able to edit those two elements together to tell a story. Students will be expected to become proficient in all production roles: camera operation, audio control, basic directing, lighting, and editing.

Intro to Film

Students will learn basic film terminology; examine different film genres; analyze the purposes and functions of film, through aesthetic, socio-political, economic, and expressive aspects; examine narration and sequence through scriptwriting and storyboarding; learning hands-on application of camera, lighting and audio equipment, and editing software in pre-production, production and post-production; as well as work collaboratively in teams.

Independent Film Studies

This course examines how narrative films are conceived and crafted by developing an understanding of the underlying principles of filmmaking. These principles are explored through a series of practical exercises based around the key creative components of filmmaking, leading up to the execution and completion of a student-produced short film by individual students or teams of students.